Benefits of Custom Embroidery

Having a uniform can promote solidarity in a workforce. First impressions count, and for industries that are focused on consumers, having a custom uniform with embroidery is a great way to give a good reflection on the business.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider embroidered workwear for your business:


Having the company logo on workwear will help the customers identify staff. This is particularly important for businesses who pride themselves on customer service, as it will give a welcoming impression.


Displaying the company logo on workwear is a great way of advertising your business, particularly if your employees go out on visits. The logo can draw people’s attention to the business and this can have a positive impact on sales.


Having a custom uniform can translate to the consumer that your business is professional. It shows that your business cares about its image and this can reflect on its customer service.


Having a custom embroidered uniform can build a community within the workforce. If they are all wearing the custom embroidered uniform it may promote a sense of belonging and this will increase the work ethic.

But why choose embroidery over printing?embroidery

When your logo is embroidered, it is sewn directly onto the garment and its appearance is widely regarded as high quality, and this can reflect on your business. As well as this, embroidery is permanent and durable.

For larger designs, embroidery is less suited and the better alternative is print. Embroidery to a larger scale can be expensive. Print is much cheaper and is weatherproof.

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