How we Embroider Garments

Here at Embello we use embroidery as a method of transferring designs onto garments. Embroidery is an excellent choice because it is widely regarded as high quality and durable.

The first step is to outline the design and choice of garment. The design is then digitised using Melco Embroidery Software.

The garment is ordered in and hooped before being embroidered. The hooping process is required to specify the position of the embroidery, as well as making sure the garment is stable. To hoop the garment, the hoop is first split and the lower section is placed on the HoopMaster and covered with backing paper. The garment is then added to the HoopMaster and aligned to ensure that the embroidery will be straight. The upper part of the hoop is then pressed down.

There are a variety of different sized hoops available and the one chosen is dependent on the size of the embroidery. The hooping must ensure that the garment is rigid and does not stretch or move, otherwise it will cause the stitching to be poorly located and this will warp the design.

Before going ahead with the embroidery, final checks are done to check the machine is threaded. This will ensure that the process is completed without any errors or pauses, as this may cause inaccuracies with the design. We will always have someone on hand to monitor and maintain the machine whilst the embroidery is taking place.

The embroidery machine will then stitch, with the time taken depending on the complexity of the design. Once the machine has completed the design the garment is removed. The hoop is also removed, and the backing paper is taken off the back of the design.

The garment is then complete and for larger orders, the next garment is hooped and the process is repeated.

Embroidery is an ideal choice for logos and small designs but for large designs, an alternative method may be more cost effective, such as sublimation printing or vinyl printing. But neither of these have the same overall effect of embroidery.

We provide both embroidery and vinyl printing services at Embello. Contact us on 01827 282716 or email

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